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Puros Privados Escobar

Puros Privados Escobar

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“I was very involved in the entire rebrand of Escobar Cigars, from the re-creation of the logo to the luxurious yet edgy all-black cigar boxes. I wanted the brand to have my personal touch and truly resonate with what I represent.”

- Nasir Jones aka Nas

Celebrity cigars come and go, but rarely with the star power as Grammy award winning and multiplatinum rapper Nas, and rarely are they made with the level of quality as Escobar. Nas partnered with the Escobar cigar factory out of Esteli about six years ago. The name happens fit in perfectly. Nas has frequently referred to himself as Escobar, including in a 1997 track called Escobar ’97.”



The Escobar has now crossed the line from excellent to exhibiting greatness. This is a very unique blend. The blenders took their responsibility seriously and it shows. I could list the punch I’m getting from small increments of passing flavor points but it’s my palate and all you really care about is if the cigar is good. Right? The common thread I read when smokers comment on reviewers’ descriptions of flavors is that they don’t taste them. But they agree that the cigar is mighty tasty. At some point, when I’m feeble…I will just post a review and it will either have the words: “Yes” or “No.”

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