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Serino Wayfarer

Serino Wayfarer

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"If you have the backstory of the Serino Wayfarer in mind while smoking the cigar, it can be hard to ignore the cigar's Cuban influence, which inevitably leads to looking for Cubanesque notes in the profile. While I personally don't like that term, there are some similarities to the island's medium-bodied blends, but the profile is distinct enough to carve out its own place on the flavor spectrum. Pepper is certainly a consistent note, though there are plenty of flavor changes that allow other flavors to come through, and the cigar is at its best when it gets complex with the cedar and sweetness. The cigar isn't without a few out-of-balance spots, and I'd love to see more consistent restraint from the pepper, but the overall product is a satisfying smoke enhanced by an easy draw and generally good burn. The Serino Wayfarer Corona Gorda definitely deserves a try; I'm now focused on seeing how the blend performs in its other vitolas."

- Halfwheel

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