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Tatuaje Skinny Monster (The Face)

Tatuaje Skinny Monster (The Face)

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Originally, the Tatuaje Monster series began as an annual tradition timed around Halloween, where each year, a cigar was crafted in homage to a specific monster character from either film or literature. The concept birthed 13 robust cigars, each robust in both size and strength, packaged and designed to reflect the essence of a chosen character. Pete Johnson of Tatuaje cigars introduced a spinoff to this tradition with his "Skinny Monsters" line, a collection primarily centered around the Tatuaje Black Label Petite Lancero.

One of the standout releases from this series is "The Face," drawing inspiration from Leatherface, the iconic character from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. The first film hit screens back in 1974, with a legacy that spans six sequels, prequels, and remakes, including a 2003 remake, a 2006 prequel, and the 2013 release of Texas Chainsaw 3D. The narrative of the film orbits around Jed Sawyer, who, as a child, donned a leather mask to conceal his facial disfigurements and tumors, only to later upgrade to a mask fashioned from human skin. Jed and his macabre family of cannibals roam the rural Texan landscape, dispatching unsuspecting visitors with sledgehammers and chainsaws, repurposing their flesh for sustenance.

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